I.I. Polzunov Altai State Technical University
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Regional Center for International Cooperation (RCIC)

Regional Centre for International Cooperation of West Siberian Universities ensures planning, organization, coordination, promotion and implementation of international and foreign economic affairs of the University.

RCIC competences:

• To prepare drafts for cooperation agreements, protocols of intentions, agreements with foreign partners;
• To identify the priorities for the development of international relations with certain countries, foreign universities and organizations in joint efforts with other AltSTU units for further international cooperation programs and projects;
• To secure the obligations and commitments of contracts and agreements, as well as respective international cooperation programs;
• To represent AltSTU in international organizations, associations and foundations;
• To negotiate matters of international cooperation with foreign partners;
• To offer information and analytical support for international cooperation;
• To offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for international events held by the University;
• To liaise with organizations, companies, administrative offices of the city of Barnaul which carry out international cooperation;
• To maintain office work in accordance with the nomenclature;
• To guide students for official trips to foreign countries; to make out the paperwork for foreign nationals who enter the country under university scientific and technical exchanges, business visits and training purposes;
•To guide AltSTU post-graduate students, scholars and faculty staff; 
• To assist AltSTU staff and students to have visas issued for trips abroad.