I.I. Polzunov Altai State Technical University
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Civil Engineering Faculty

Post-graduate studies (PhD)

  1. Road-building and construction machinery
  2. Buildings and complexes in civil engineering
  3. Construction materials and products
  4. Technology and organization in civil engineering
  5. Geology, geocryology and soil science in engineering
  6. Technology of silicate and refractory nonmetallic materials
  7. Mechanics of liquids, gas and plasma
  8. Thermal engines
  9. Mathematical modeling, numeral methods and complex programs
  10. Design and construction of roadways, underground railways, airfields, bridges and transportation tunnels

Post-graduate studies for Doсtor of Science degree

  1. Construction materials and products
  2. Technology of silicate and refractory nonmetallic materials
  3. Geology, geocryology and soil science in engineering

Main Programs of Research

  1. Loessial soils of West Siberia: geological, ecological and engineering properties; technological impact on the properties and monitoring.
  2. Mineral resources in construction materials production: problems and solutions.
  3. Developing durable and lasting concrete and other man-made conglomeration on the basis of mineral resources and industrial waste for civil engineering industry and transportation.
  4. Fibrous concrete.
  5. Superlight supporting combined structures made out of gummed wood, water-resistant plywood and LVL timber in wide-interval beam span buildings and building complexes.
  6. Theoretical principals and technological advancements in finely dispersed medium, machinery and equipment for material comminuting.
  7. Design and optimization of internal combustion engines (diesel engines, perspective internal combustion engines).
  8. Municipal engineering network of GIS.

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