I.I. Polzunov Altai State Technical University
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Power Engineering Faculty

Post-graduate studies (PhD)

  1. Power engineering and methods of experimental physics
  2. Condensed physics
  3. Electrical physics and engineering
  4. Welding engineering and technology
  5. Industrial heat and power engineering
  6. Renewable power engineering
  7. Heat power stations, power supply engineering
  8. Agricultural mechanization
  9. Power engineering technology and electrical engineering in agriculture
  10. Hydrotechnical engineering

Post-graduate studies for Doctor of Science degree

  1. Power engineering technology and electrical engineering in agriculture
  2. Welding engineering and technology
  3. Environmental engineering and materials engineering

Main Programs of Research

  1. Reliability increase in electrical equipment engineering;
  2. Diagnostics and prognosis of electrical equipment technical status;
  3. Design in instrument engineering for electrical equipment diagnostics;
  4. Wear and tear management in electrical equipment isolation;
  5. Energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly methods and technology to increase reliability and maintenance standards of electrical equipment isolation. Engineering optimization to maintain and restore electrical equipment isolation.
  6. Technical support and methods to increase reliability of electrical equipment;
  7. Prognosis for electrical power use in industry and agriculture;
  8. Monitoring and administration of electric power distribution networks;
  9. System security optimization of electric power stations in buildings and building structures;
  10. Risk management in urban electric power supply;
  11. R&D in electrical safety optimization. New methods to secure electrical power safety and electric power stations (1000 v capacity) safety diagnostics;
  12. Electric power impact on living organisms (livestock, crop);
  13. Instrument engineering technology of wear-resistant and corrosive-resistant protective coating;
  14. Automation management systems in wear-resistant and corrosive-resistant protective coating technology;
  15. Technological principles in protective coating engineering by methods of combination;
  16. Automatic technologies and automatic machines , robots and robotized technologies, semiconducting;
  17. Integrated research of low-powered water-engineering systems, hydroelectric power plants and water turbine systems; low-powered hydroelectric plant model;
  18. Centrifugal separation of aerosols;
  19. Sewage treatment and deposit utilization;
  20. Geo-informational systems of water supply and water disposal, housing and communal services heating;
  21. R&D magnetic and semi-conducting power transformation in electric power stations. Combined and networking integration of magnetic and semi-conducting power sources in welding;
  22. Energy-efficient renewable technology;
  23. Registration and control of SHS thermal factors.


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