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Faculty of Foreign Students

Faculty of Foreign Students (FFS) aims at pre-university training for foreign students to become familiar with the Russian Language. All foreign students are offered one or one and a half year pre- university programs designed for students to learn Russian. Other programs of study to complete are course-related:

  1. Technical (mathematics, physics, computer science)
  2. Health and biology (chemistry, biology)
  3. Humanitarian (literature, country-specific studies, geography)
  4. Economic (mathematics, economy, computer science)

Pre-university classes start September 1 through June 15 and result in exams in Russian and a course-related discipline.

Those who successfully complete the Faculty program are issued the Certificate to meet the admission requirements to enter AltSTU and other HEIs in Russia.

Once a student, foreign citizens continue improving skills in Russian in chosen programs of study within the faculties for a period of 4 years. Upon graduation to obtain Bachelor’s Degree, foreign students are issued TORFL-2 Certificate.

Moreover, our faculty offers foreign citizens an opportunity to complete 1 or 2 year language courses. Upon completion of pre-university Russian as a Foreign Language program, a foreign student holds TORFL-1 Certificate (basic language skills). This Certificate gives students further academic opportunities in the program “Russian and principles of interpretation”. This program includes such disciplines as:

  1. Russian Language (basics of spoken Russian, grammar practice, lexicology, text stylistics)
  2. Practical principles of interpretation
  3. Country-specific studies
  4. History of Russia
  5. Russian Literature
  6. Reading of newspapers and magazines
  7. International business

Russian as a Foreign Language chair offers 1, 3 and 6- month Russian language courses of study. Summer language courses are open July-August. The objective is to teach foreign students elementary Russian and possibly advanced Russian short-term. Thus, Russian language courses are available for beginners as well as those who want to take the intensive RSL (Russian Spoken Language) course. Russian language speaking environment contributes to academic excellence in classes.

All foreign students are offered accommodation in the dormitory with double (2-4 persons) occupancy rooms. The dormitory is within a short walk from the University which is convenient in cold weather. Foreign students may share accommodation with Russian students and thus, benefit in their pursuit to learn Russian.

Foreign students are members of student body and together with Russian students actively take part in social events in the University.

Students are not limited to the academics and classes with their teachers, extra-curriculum activities are well-planned also.

Emphasis placed on individual interaction between faculty students and teachers to share culinary arts and culture during “International culture day”. Cross-cultural events give unique opportunities to learn a different culture: to taste signature cuisine and learn its recipe; to listen to national songs performed by foreign students and to learn a folk dance.

Foreign students are involved in all cross-cultural events: diversity fair events; theatres and concerts; city break cultural experience in Novosibirsk to visit a ballet performance and a zoo; various tours to Gorny Altai. Summer camp counselor programs are also available for students. It has become a tradition at the faculty to celebrate New Year’s Eve, themed events and birthdays.

In winter, foreign students enjoy skating and skiing together with teachers and hold winter games competitions.

Traditionally, an academic year comes to an end with picnics, recreational activities, sports competitions and a barbeque grill.

Annual campus activities also include a variety of academic international conferences and language contests for TORFL winners.

Welcome to Faculty of Foreign Students!

Address: Lenin Street, 46 Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia
Tel.: 8 (3852) 290-740, Fax: 8 (3852) 290-739