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3D-scanning, 3D-prototyping of various three-dimensional objects
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 10:36

Name of the project:
3D-scanning, 3D-prototyping of various
three-dimensional objects
Name of organization /  name of individual:
 Innovation and Technology Center of  Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «I.I.Polzunov Altai State Technical University »
Brief description of the project:
 Innovation and Technology Center of Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education « I.I. Polzunov Altai State Technical University offers services of 3D-scanning and 3D-printing (fast prototyping). It allows creating physical analogues of digital three-dimensional objects quickly. Presently a color 3D printer ZPrinter 650 is used for physical analogues. It offers potential receiving color analogues of high quality and precision. The technologies are capable of meeting the demands for analogues in different branches of industry.
Prototypes of machine-building products, developing models of buildings and architectural ensembles (prototyping), interior decor, case-type prototypes, new designs and others can be converted from digital 3D models into physical model in a matter of a few hours. It takes a three-dimensional file to print a model on a three-dimensional printer.  Such a file may be created practically in any program of three-dimensional simulation. The technology of expedited prototyping is 5-10 times faster than competitors in the market. It takes hours (not days) to produce a prototype, which is especially important for effective business development in the highly competitive market. Parts are made from high-quality composite materials based on gypsum powder zp150 (ZPrinter).
Material capabilities zp150: tensile strength - 26 GPa, tensile elongation 0.2%, flexural strength 44 GPa, flexural modulus of 10.680 GPa, compressive strength of 98 GPa. The Innovation and Technology Center offers services in three-dimensional scanning of objects. In our work we use a high-accuracy optical 3D-scanner Breuckmann smartSCAN.
Three-dimensional or 3D-scanning is a process of transforming physical form of an object into a digital one that is making three-dimensional computer model of an object. 3D-scanning can be helpful in reverser-engineering, design of appliances and equipment, spare parts if lack of original computer product documentation, and in case of conversion of complex shape surfaces in digital form including art and molds.

3D-scanning can also be used to compare an actual-made object with its CAD-model.
Various objects in a wide dimensional range may be scanned: ranging from several centimeters up to several meters (cars). The maximal resolution of scanning (size of a minimally distinguishable element) – 0, 04 mm.
Scanner output results in a triangular polygonal model of an object (STL, as a version — accumulation of points). Services of polygonal models transformation into NURBS-surfaces (STP, IGES) are also available as well as CAD-models.
Problem which is solved by the project implementation:
Conversion of the physical form of an actual object into the digital form, i.e. making a three-dimensional computer model of an object, making a physical model of a three-dimensional object.

Competitive advantage:
No  analogous competitors  in Altai Krai
Potential consumers:
Project Coordinator:
Krahmalev Vadim Alekseevich
Phone: (3852 36-75-84
Address: 656038, Barnaul,
Lenin Street, 46
Site: www.altstu.ru
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