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Combined horizontal cyclone to clean the air from fine-grained particles of dust
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 10:04

Project title:
Combined horizontal cyclone to clean the air from fine-grained particles of dust.
Name of organization /  name of individual:
Small enterprise «Research and Production Enterprise TransVent»
(Small innovative enterprise founded in accordance with the Federal law dated 02.08.2009 №217-Fl)
Brief description of the project:
Combined horizontal cyclone (CHC) is designed to efficiently capture polydisperse dusts of different origin. Original technical solutions incorporated in the design of dust collector are capable of capturing dust of different physical and mechanical properties as well as separating into fractions.
Special configuration of channels and separation zone allows introducing additional physical impacts, such as:  ionization impact, acoustic coagulation or electrophoresis, which significantly increases the efficiency of centrifugal air cleaning.

The main element of the developed mechanism is a horizontal, single-flow vortex dust collector. Its design consists of three main modules: a multistage separator, a purification chamber and a flow straightener. The use of this engineering solution allows companies to gradually modernize cleaning systems of technological or ventilation air, (so called UP-GRADE) without capital costs for reconstruction of the system, which increases overall cost-effectiveness of production as well as helps to reduce environmental pollution.
Current status:
Layout prototype tests of dust collector
Legal support of  engineering solutions:
Problem which is solved by the project implementation:
Decrease of emissions and energy saving for air purification, reduction of losses in raw materials or crushed finished products.

Competitive advantage:
Project has a lower price and cost-effective in cleaning   compared to serial dust collectors of equal productivity.
Potential consumers:
Enterprises of agricultural, construction, chemical industry, as well as minor heat power industry.
Investment parameters:
Total project cost:
5 000 thousand rbs.
Total investment:
375 thousand rbs.
Necessary resources:
4 625 thousand rbs.
Project Coordinator:
Tarasov Vladimir Petrovich
Phone: (3852 29-07-43, 29-07-95
Address: 656038, Barnaul,
Lenin Street, 46
Email address:
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