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Development and organization of machinery production for total mixed liquid ration for live stock breeding
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 09:40

Project title:
Development and organization of machinery production for total mixed liquid ration for live stock breeding.
Name of organization /  name of individual:
OOO « AltSTU small innovative enterprise of agricultural engineering»
(The small innovative enterprise established in accordance with the Federal law dated 02.08.2009 №217-Fl)
Brief description of the project:
The innovative engineering solutions in the design of machinery for liquid forage mixtures, allow grinding of plant matter of vegetable origin as well as steaming and mixing of the gained mass. Machinery operation is based on formation of heavy liquid whirlwinds with their further disintegration to be resulted in thermal energy.
A new technology of liquid forage porridges preparation in the form of spreads and suspensions of a vegetable origin has been introduced.

The technology of liquid forages preparation is an innovative product, allowing to reduce forages cost and increase the usage efficiency, decrease the cost of 1 kg animal weight gain, to reduce slaughter period, to effectively use room in a cattle-breeding farm, a pigsty, etc.
Current status:
Creation of the assembly test site, sales of the machinery for industry.
Legal support of the engineering solution:
Patent of the Russian Federation 93300, МПК В02С7/00 «Device for preparation of homogenized products»; Patent of the Russian Federation 112646 МПК В02С7/00 « Device for preparation of homogenized products»;   positive decision to issue the patent of the Russian Federation for inventions dated January, 17, 2012; dismembrator for homogenized products 2010137459/13; license contract РД0067604 on manufacturing and sales of the appliance.

Problem which is solved by implementation of the project:
Problem of preparation of liquid forage mixtures in small live stock breeding enterprises.
Competitive advantages:
Special advantages of the universal forage mixtures preparation is its portability, versatility and capability of grinding, steaming and mixing a loose material of vegetable origin by active influence of the vortex flows in the grinding chamber while operational. Forage mixture preparation productivity index is not less than 20 kg/hours. This all-purpose preparation device has no heating elements.
Potential consumers:
The live stock breeding enterprises ( pig breeding, poultry farming,  cattle breeding), including private farm holdings of Altai Krai and the neighboring regions.

Investment parameters:
Total project cost:
4 500 thousand rbs.
Total investment:
1 600 thousand rbs.
Necessary resources:
2 900 thousand rbs.
Project Coordinator:
Nefedov Evgenie Nikolaevich
Phone: 7-961-982-25-71,
Address: 656038, Barnaul,
Lenin Street, 46
Email address: