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Introduction of technology to increase productivity of an apiary
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 10:02

Project title:
Introduction of technology to increase productivity of an apiary.
Name of organization /  name of individual:
Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «Altay State Academy of Education named after В.М. Shukshin »
Brief description of the project:
A technology to increase productivity through the use of apiary bee colonies potential and nectariferous vegetation in specific natural features of the area.
Current status:
Development work.
Legal support of  engineering solutions:
Problem which is  solved by the project implementation:
The proposed technology can significantly increase  productivity of an apiary and  primarily favorable conditions for life of honey bees to ensure maximum nectariferous environment in the active zone of flying, to involve  "inconvenient" environment in business;
using simple methods to increase  productivity of bee colonies and bee pollination activity; improving the technology of entomophilous crop cultivation, which is the major nectariferous environment for more effective work of bees in herbages.
Competitive advantage:
Cost-effective adoption of the technology.
Potential consumers:
Manufacturers of the inventory for bee-keeping.
Investment parameters:
Total project cost:
1 600 thousand rbs.
Total investment:
600 thousand rbs.
Necessary resources:
1 000 thousand rbs.
Project Coordinator:
Pankov Dmitry Mihajlovich;
Vlasov Michael Sergeevich
Fax: (3854 41-64-38
Address: 659333, Biisk,
Korolenko Street, 53
Site: www.bigpi.biysk.ru
Email address:
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