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Setup of special function polymer production
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 10:54

Project title:
Setup of special function polymer production
Name of organization / name of individual: «Boroplast «Ltd.
Brief description of the project:
The project intends production of new boron-containing polymers, which proved to be heat-resistant binders for paints and varnishes, as well as additives – modifiers of polymer friction composites (brake shoes and pads), significantly increasing operational characteristics of the products.
 Current status:
Research and development work.
Legal support of  engineering solutions:
The patent of the Russian Federation №2442802.

Problem which is solved by the project implementation:
By the project implementation, the production of boron-containing polymers will be pilot in Russia. These polymers have already proved to be a new high-performance modifier of polymer friction compositions - brake pads.
Competitive advantage:
If the cost of pads is increased by 10-15%, the service period is doubled.
Potential consumers:
Barnaul Plant of Asbestine Technical Wares, ВАТИ.
Investment parameters:
Total project cost:
11 000 thousand rbs.
Total investment:
1 000 thousand rbs.
Necessary resources:
10 000 thousand rbs.
Project Coordinator:
Lensky Maxim Aleksandrovich
Phone: 7-923-645-26-96
Address: 659305, Biisk,
Trofimova Street, 27
Site: borpolymer.ru
Email address:
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