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Setup of welded constructions under innovative technology and new welding materials
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 10:46

Project title:
Setup of welded constructions under  innovative technology and  new welding materials
Name of organization /  name of individual:
OOO " Svarsibtechinnovatzii "
(Small-sized innovative enterprise, founded according to Federal law dated 02.08.2009 №217-ФЗ)
Brief description of the project:
Upon production of super duty welded structures made from low-alloy steel, the problem of low-temperature cracking has become critical. Mechanical properties of welded joints are increased if a globular (not platelet) heat affected zone in the structure of metal is formed under thermal deformation welding cycles of the carbide phase.
Project aims at solving the problem of increased physical and mechanical properties of metal heat affected zone under thermal deformation cycles by functional structure. A significant increase in impact strength and resistance to brittle fracture is achieved by nanoscale globular carbides in the metal structure. It benefits in terms of both effectiveness and welding characteristics of steel as well as service reliability at low temperatures in particular. Due to cold-resistance increase of welded joints without their further thermal treatment, cost reduced structure production is achieved.
Current status:
Product prototype is under development, completing the research work.

Legal support of  engineering solutions:
Two  inventions are patented,  software certificate of a computer has been registered
Problem which is solved by the project implementation:
Cold resistance increase of welded joints and a heat affected zone.
Competitive advantages:
Reduced costs and operation time effectiveness, quality improvement.
Potential consumers:
Companies in area of welded structures production at low temperatures.
Investment parameters:
Total project cost:
1 400 thousand rbs.
Project Coordinator:
Seidurov Michael Nikolaevich
Phone: 7-913-274-43-54
Address: 656038, Altai Krai,
Barnaul, Lenin Street, 46
Email address:
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